14/12/2022, 08:39
By the end of November 2022, with sales of nearly 290 million USD, the Middle East market has become a market with impressive growth, up 44% and accounting for nearly 3% of total Vietnam seafood exports.
07/12/2022, 09:23
Although still up 31% over the same period, the export turnover of 179 million USD in October recorded the lowest level since the beginning of 2022. The export growth rate over the same period last year was also the lowest. By the end of October, Vietnam pangasius exports reached 2.1 billion USD, up 75% compared to the same in 2021.
19/11/2022, 10:31
According to customs statistics, Vietnam's pangasius exports as of October 15, 2022 reached more than 2 million USD, up 81% over the same period last year. It is estimated that by the end of October, pangasius exports will bring in over $2.1 billion. In particular, in October 2022 alone, pangasius exports were estimated at US$159 million, up 16%.